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Health And Safety Promise

Ralph Brennan Restaurant Group
Health and Safety Promise

from Our Family to Yours.

  • We promise to prioritize your health and safety.
  • All facets of daily operations will meet or exceed guidelines designed to keep you safe.
  • We pledge to diligently uphold:
    • Screening and prevention protocols
    • Social and physical distancing requirements
    • Enhanced sanitation practices
    • Safety-centric service
  • We will deliver on our mission to make people happy, and more than ever, we will enjoy the thrill of doing so!


For over thirty-five years, Ralph Brennan (and Ralph Brennan Restaurant Group) has welcomed families to our tables to break (French!) bread and share our love of New Orleans food and culture. Thank you for being part of this celebrated tradition. Thank you for your trust.


Summary Health & Safety Guidelines


Screening and Prevention

  • A health and safety manager is assigned and responsible for each shift.
  • All employees are required to wear face coverings at work.
  • Staff is given a health screening before entering the building.
  • Team members with a temperature of or above 100.4 degrees are sent home immediately.
  • Team members are trained in a detailed protocol should COVID-19 symptoms emerge at work.
  • Return to Work for ill employees is contingent upon CDC Return to Work criteria.
  • Business hours and staffing levels are modified to ensure delivery of health and safety protocols.
  • Guests are required to wear a mask when entering, exiting, and moving throughout the building.


Social Distancing

  • A “Crowd Manager” is assigned to each shift to ensure social and physical distancing.
  • Tables and seating have been removed to comply with occupancy and assembly regulations.
  • Entryways and exits are reconfigured to allow for distancing.
  • Floors are marked at 6 ft. intervals for socially distanced queuing.
  • Team members will practice physical distancing, staying 6 ft. apart at all times possible.
  • Staff is scheduled and assigned to limit physical contact with other team members.
  • Menus have been re-worked to ensure physical distancing of culinary staff.



  • Hand Sanitizer (60% alcohol) is stationed in public areas and throughout the restaurant.
  • Strict hand washing and glove changing protocols are in place for all staff.
  • High contact surfaces such as doorknobs, screens and handrails are disinfected every hour.
  • Restrooms are disinfected three times daily and high contact surfaces wiped every 60 minutes.
  • Foot-operated door openers are installed where possible for convenient access.
  • As always, we adhere to all ServSafe® standards and wash, rinse, and sanitize all food contact surfaces, dishware, utensils, food preparation surfaces, and beverage equipment after use.
  • All guests are offered a hygienic package for mask storage during their meal.


Safety-Centric Service

  • Service delivery is modified to facilitate physical distancing and best practices in sanitation.
  • Reservations are limited to ensure the consistent execution of safety-centric service.
  • Tables are unset; a silverware roll-up will be brought to you upon your being seated.
  • Menus are available on your mobile phone or presented on single use paper to be recycled.
  • Condiments are served as single use condiments.
  • The wine list is laminated and cleaned and sanitized after each use.
  • Straws are offered by request and in sealed wrappers.
  • Packaging is supplied to you at your table for the convenient boxing of your leftovers.
  • Contactless payment via text-to-pay or payment via your mobile phone is available.
  • Staff will follow new protocols designed to place and remove dishes with care and expedience.


View Pandemic Procedures (.pdf)

Download Safety & Health Guidelines (.pdf)

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