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At Ralph Brennan Restaurant Group, with an ever-increasing desire to do good and be good, we are committed to sustainability in every aspect of our daily operations. With a focus on locally sourcing food, reducing our footprint, and minimizing waste, we strive to produce a memorable dining experience while making a positive impact.

View of the inside of Red Fish Grill
View of the inside of Red Fish Grill
View of the inside of Red Fish Grill

  • We support local farmers, fisherman, and foragers, nurturing the longstanding relationships to provide the best ingredients for new dishes and menus.
  • We use reclaimed building materials, biodegradable to-go supplies, and energy efficient lighting.
  • Our recycling efforts span from food waste to glass to oyster shells to oil.

Our geographic location and dedication to coastal protection and restoration allowed Ralph Brennan to testify before Congress in the wake of the 2010 BP oil spill that threatened the Gulf seafood industry. In 2015 Haley Bittermann spoke before Congress testifying in favor of sustainable and wild-caught red snapper.

Local Farmers, Fisherman, Foragers

Below is a list of our current farmers and friends, who we source from daily.

Paul Becnel’s Citrus Farm - Belle Chase, LA
Pelican Produce – Plaquemines, LA
Matt Ranatza – Plaquemines, LA
Cajun Growers – Louisiana
Natures Crest – Mississippi
Compostella Farm – Independence, LA
Johndales Farm – Ponchatoula, LA
Maggie’s Mushrooms – St. Francisville, LA
Powers BeeKeepers – Algiers, LA
Jefferson Jellies – New Orleans, LA
Creole Country – New Orleans, LA
Angelo Brocato – New Orleans, LA
Chisesi Brothers – New Orleans, LA
Leidenheimer Baking Company – New Orleans, LA
Kleinpeter’s Dairy – Baton Rouge, LA

Reclaimed Building Materials

Incorporating reclaimed building materials at Brennan's to make tables contributes to the charming ambiance while honoring its history but also aligns with our commitment to sustainability. In the Wine Room, you will find a beautiful 16' long by 3' wide table, milled from a single sinker cypress found in a Mississippi bayou. Sinker cypress is a type of wood derived from old growth cypress trees that were harvested and transported during the 18th and 19th centuries. It was often submerged in waterways during transportation, and over time, it sank to the bottom. After being recovered after centuries under water, the wood becomes denser and displays beautiful colors and unique grain patterns. You will also find all the tables in the bar made from eggshells from Red Fish Grill. Breakfast at Brennan’s would not be complete without eating a meal on an egg table.

Sustainable Wine

Furthering our commitment and our guests’ commitment to environmentally conscious choices, we have organic, natural, and biodynamic wine choices on the wine list. Sustainable vineyard and winery practices conserve water and energy, maintain healthy soil, protect air, water quality, and preserve local ecosystems and wildlife habitat.

Recycling Partners

Glass Half Full – A local recycling service that recycles glass waste into sand and gravel for disaster relief and prevention, coastal restoration, eco-construction, new glass products, and more. Read more >

Restaurant Technologies Incorporated – Cooking oil removal and recycling: used oil moves from the fryers to the used oil tank, which is emptied into the truck and recycled into renewable fuels. Read more >

Coalition to Restore Coastal Louisiana -- through their Oyster Shell Recycling Program. In partnership with restaurants and volunteers, CRCL collects, cures and bag oyster shells before using it to build oyster reefs. Since starting the program in 2014, CRCL has recycled more than 13 million pounds of shell. Read more about Coalition to Restore Coastal Louisiana here. Read more >

" Ralph Brennan honored with Ella Brennan Lifetime Achievement Award "

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